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3-Course Series

COURSE #1: Everyone wants more client referrals. Right? Well, to get more client referrals, it’s really important to start at the beginning with truth and explore why you’re not getting more client referrals in the first place. What’s getting in your way? What are you doing wrong? Which clients are best for you to be approaching for referrals? It’s equally important to know for a fact what your client referral process looks like right now so that you can begin to zero in on specific clients to enhance your referral results. 

COURSE #2: Clients love you. They treat you like family. They bring you cookies during the holidays. They even tell you that they would be happy to refer you, but they never do. I'll help you create a highly effective tool to teach your clients how to refer you. This tool will contain everything a client needs to know to refer you effectively. This tool becomes a sustainable, repeatable part of your referral process to get those clients engaged and referring you once and for all.

COURSE #3: Do you struggle with knowing how to talk to your clients about referrals? This course will give you everything from start to finish. I'll show you how to set up the referral conversation, how to conduct the meeting using the #1 Client Referral Tool, including exactly what to say. I'll give you follow-up strategies and tracking tools too. This approach to talking with clients about referrals is so radical that it will shift how you think about referrals forever. Our client referral conversation model gives your referral process the boost it needs to see actual referral results in a consistent manner. 

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Series Overview

Client Referrals UNCORKED Series

Ready to get MORE client referrals NOW?

Client Referrals UNCORKED Curriculum

  • 1


    • 1.0 Intro to Choosing the Right Clients

    • 1.1 Reasons Why Clients Don’t Refer

    • 1.2 Limiting Beliefs Stopping You from Getting Referrals

    • 1.3 Clients Currently Referring You

    • 1.4 Clients Who Should Be Referring You

    • 1.5 The BEST Clients for You to Approach for Referrals

  • 2


    • 2.0 Intro to Your #1 Client Referral Tool

    • 2.1 Help Clients See Your Prospects

    • 2.2 Teach Your Clients to Listen for These Things

    • 2.3 Teach Your Clients to Ask the Right Questions

    • 2.4 Different Ways Clients Can Introduce You

    • 2.5 Help Your Clients to Keep the Referral Alive

    • 2.6 Build Your #1 Client Referral Tool

  • 3


    • 3.0 Intro to The Client Referral Conversation

    • 3.1 Setting Up Your Client Referral Conversation

    • 3.2 How to Conduct the Client Referral Conversation

    • 3.3 Tracking Tools for Client Referral Conversations

    • 3.4 Commitment to the Process

    • 3.5 Wrap Up

Don't take my word for it! Hear it from my clients...


Kathryn C., Lakewood, NY

"I promoted production levels within 2 months of our working together and currently my production has seen a 22% increase year over year. I'm running a consistently profitable practice for the first time ever! My new asset growth is 16% and my pay is up over 23% year over year. Ultimately, my return on investment is 41%. But the best part is, I'm confident, I love where my practice is heading, and I've got time to serve a role on the leadership team that completely fulfills my values and my needs."


D.M., (Local Boutique Private Wealth Manager)

“I worked with Michelle and my goal was to bring in $10 million in AUM. I ended the year with $20 million. With Michelle's help, I am able to continue to bring on new business.”


D.H., President A Pittsburgh-based Wealth Management Firm

“Through the coaching and accountability that Michelle provided, our advisors were able to focus on their centers of influence to generate the referrals needed to add $50 Million in new client assets to meet our annual goal for the first time in 5 years.”

Doubled my practice

Karen B., Benchmark Advisors

“Michelle has taught me how to leverage my relationships more effectively for better referrals. Because of her coaching, I have had a stellar year, surpassing my financial goals nearly every month and even setting a personal best record for my performance. In our first year of working together, I grew my business by 20% and I increased my client referrals by 50%. In our second year, my YTD was already nearly double all of last year … and it’s only August! I am on track to reach MVP status for the first time in my career.”

Client Referrals UNCORKED Series

Start getting MORE client referrals NOW!!

Meet Your Instructor

Michelle R. Donovan

Michelle R. Donovan is known for her ability to help our clients gain focus and hold them accountable to achieve exceptional results. As a referral coach and business consultant, Michelle has dramatically impacted many firms’ bottom line.  She has helped many financial firms crush their sales goals allowing them to expand to the point of bringing on more employees which often has required larger office spaces. Michelle’s clients typically surpass their personal best in business development, often doubling their performance in the first year.

Michelle’s determination and focus have given her the ability to complete incredible tasks. Among her favorites include co-authoring Amazon Best-Seller A Woman’s Way – Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Lead and Flourish in a Man’s World, writing Wall Street Journal Best Selling book, The 29% Solution, currently published in 7 languages, completing a Master’s Degree in Adult Education while working full time and owning a successful Referral Institute franchise for 11 years. She also won an amateur body building contest in college, completed two MS-150 mile bike rides and has become the “eyes” for her dog Tucker who went blind unexpectedly overnight.  

As a speaker, Michelle has presented at several international and many national and local conferences. Her practical application and no-nonsense approach often make her a crowd favorite at conferences. Audiences respond well to Michelle because she is committed to teaching them something of value that they can immediately put into action while engaging their mind and holding their attention. She is known for combining meaningful substance through real-life application to learning.  

Ever since she was a kid, Michelle prefers to be outside any chance she gets. She favors being in her kayak on a lake with a fishing pole in her hand. She loves to walk her dogs, work in the garden, make homemade wine, write, or paint ceramics. If you can’t find her, she probably doesn’t want to be found.
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